The emblematic crossroads of Paris Fetish – which brings together the most people in the same place – are the events organized on Saturday and Sunday evening which attract up to 1500 people in one night.
For this new edition of the fetish night on Saturday evening, Paris Fetish has invested in a new place on 3 levels, in the heart of the capital, which will offer a very Parisian atmosphere and a variety of spaces adapted to this meeting which is both musical and sexual.

The place

La Bellevilloise, Parisian place of culture, independent and multidisciplinary, installed in the former people’s house, today dedicates more than 2000m² to all forms of expression and experimentation: innovative artistic approaches, new cultural and social practices, presentations, but also festive media coverage of ideas and creations. A place of mixing, meetings and exchanges, La Bellevilloise seemed to us to be the perfect place to host this great fetish evening.. It is also an architectural heritage to discover, a staging space: Loft & Forum, Club and its panoramic terrace overlooking the capital.

What we find there

On 3 levels, an exceptional system including spaces for conviviality and sex with specific equipment for fetish practices is offered to you.

• 3 levels: the Club, the Loft, the Forum.
• The 250m2 Club with bar and dancefloor
• The Forum with 1 Puppy area and 1 Bondage area and a bar
• The Loft converted into a 350m2 playroom with slings, alcoves and maze.
• 1 outdoor terrace
• 3 DJ’s at the Club
• 1 Dj at the Forum


Maniac Party  :

    • Manue G – Club
    • Tafkanik – Club
    • Joff Tekmeister – Club
    • Kamille Louis – Forum

Recon Paris  :

    • Manue G – Club
    • Ricardo Osoloco – Club
    • Ben Manson – Club
    • Kamille Louis – Forum


Tafkanik is a very popular electronic music artist from London. His eclectic style combines house, tech-house and techno.

He produces « Homostash » as well as « Tafkanik & Friends » in London clubs.

He has taken part in festivals such as Glastonbury and Rio Music Conference, and performed for brands such as Pylot Magazine, LN-CC and Cockheart. He also performs internationally and has brought his new sound to TV shows in Estonia, Greece, Poland and Ukraine as well as clubs in Austria, Brazil, Germany, Slovakia and Spain.

Manue G

This DJ is a jack-of-all-trades who excels in all aspects of her job. Whether at high fashion events or on the dance floor, her unique style is easily recognizable. She has performed alongside many top DJs such as John Digweed and Miss Kittin and the Hacker.

She is a resident DJ at several prestigious events and is also part of two music production projects. His performances are characterized by energy, precision and the desire to share his talent with others.

Joff Tekmeister

Joff Tekmeister started his music career in Montpellier, France as a free party DJ. He then moved to Paris and started working in bars in the Marais.

In 2005, he moved to Paris and started working in Gay and Bear parties.

In 2013, he produced the famous Cheesecake evenings in duet with Ricardo Osólo by creating their own theme and decor to create a good-natured and colorful atmosphere.

In 2016, Joff started performing at Fetish parties, like Bruthal Party in Paris, and Kode in Montreal.

Kamille Louis

Kamille Louis played remixes and bootlegs for 4 years every Saturday on NRJ Radio.

He participates in many events including the Techno Parade, the NRJ Music Awards and a 5-year residency at the Queen Club Paris. In 2008, he signed an album with the AZ/Universal label with collaborations, including one with Arielle Dombasle.

In 2018, he met Manue G and formed the electro duo KMK7. The release of their album « 90-20 » is scheduled for 2023. He continues to perform in bars and clubs, notably as a resident and artistic director at Dancin’ in Nîmes.

Ricardo Osoloco

Osoloco is first of all a curious lover of electronic music, a clubbing enthusiast who has gone behind the decks. By offering a unique style, he drives the dancefloor! Combining jerky basses, hypnotic grooves and this obsession to extract you from reality, each of his sets is a « Lovely Flight ».

In 15 years, Osoloco has gone through the most prestigious LGBTQIA+ clubs and parties, in France and around the world.

Co-organizer of the legendary Cheesecakes with Joff, Rex Club for Cloakroom, YOYO, Divan du Monde, A la Folie for Mustang, Nouveau Casino, Magazine, Dièze, Gibus, Bellevilloise, Sacré, Family Piknik in Montpellier, the Afters Papillon but also the Unity in Montreal, Bootshaus in Cologne, Eagle in Tokyo and XXL in London.

Ben Manson

Leading the Queer nightlife for more than 20 years, Ben Manson is a french DJ and producer who was a resident at the legendary Queen Club, Scream in Paris, and played in some key places through Europe and the rest of the world such as Fuse Brussels (La Demence) , Pratersauna Vienna or Blitz Munich and some of the most popular events like Mess, Vertigo or Bizarre Queer Festival in Paris.

He also launched his own monthly parties LESS DRAMA MORE TECHNO in 2015 where he could illustrate his own definition of music. He ‘s still processing to create vibrating moments where deep hypnotic sounds that rub shoulders to post industrial influences, defined by a poetic and smooth aesthetic: a sophisticated mix of deep & raw drums, groovy basslines and haunting melodies could define his own soundscape.

A personal vision shared with an eclectic selection of international and local artists that stands out the current programmation of the parisian scene. Linked with this project, Ben Manson is also heading his own label LDMT records that reflects his own vision of music and promotes the local queer scene. The recent launch of JIM events, that schedules the most advanced Indie Dance, Italo Disco and House music is echoing to his 2000’s background with a more contemporary direction. »